Boost your profits with Parking Curb installation.

Benefits of installing Concrete Parking Curbs

  • Work on rainy days.

  • More Profitable than plastic or rubber stops

  • Customers are less likely to install concrete curbs by themself.
  • Concrete is specified more often on D.O.T. & government jobs.

  • No more smashed fingers with our newly designed, #CCSC1 Parking Curb

  • Most contractors charge from $75.00 to $100.00 to install our 6′ Car Stop

  • Installed price on our large truck curbs is usually $95.00 to $250.00 each

  • Curbo Parking Curbs can deliver direct to the jobsite so you do not need handling equipment or do any heavy lifting.

Believe it or not, there are high profit margins for contractors doing concrete parking curb installations. Not only are they paid well for their work, but the time and labor put in is not too extensive. Initial costs include a hand truck & a jackhammer or large hammer drill for anchoring curbs to concrete or asphalt, however refilling supplies thereafter is not pricey, and generally jobs have $400 minimum requirements to cover overhead. A typical parking lot with 50 parking spaces with parking curbs, a couple handicap stalls and a few arrows can run for $5,000.00 to $15,000.00.

Learning how to install parking curbs is not too difficult a task either. Start by replacing existing curbs and you should get it down in no time.  Note that cleaning or sweeping the pavement after installation is always a good idea.

Furthermore, repeat business is common, especially in cold weather climates. Laws require proper curbing & barriers as well as ADA compliant stalls, ensuring that demand is always high.  There are always new lots in need of parking curbs, as well as airports, Parking Garages and Truck Terminals such as UPS & Fedex.

Parking Curb Installation is a great way to earn extra cash. Your schedule can be flexible as long as you get the job done (some even install at night), and you’re your own boss! A few things to think about before getting into Parking Curb installation include:

  • The price of equipment
  • The price and ability to store equipment.
  • The competition in your market.
  • How the seasons may affect your market.
  • The flexibility in your schedule.
  • Your ability to bid jobs and understand your customer base.
  • Your scope of work.
  • Marketing your business.

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  1. Hello, I’d like to start offering this service. I have a skid steer for my concrete business and would like to find other uses. Do you service the N Tx areas?

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