Maryland, Parking Curbs for sale

Parking Curbs for sale by CURBO
Parking Curbs for sale in Maryland by CURBO

Traffic Safety Supplies Inc, Gainesville VA

Certified Gold dealer

14490 Lee Hwy, Gainesville, VA 20155
Phone: 703.753.7446


For Installation contact Paynes Parking Designs, Inc. 540-439-8513
Certified Curbo Parking Curbs installer
5313 Ritchie Road, Bealeton VA 22712
Phone: 540-439-8513
Fax: 540-439-9285

Traffic Safety Store can deliver to your location! Photo taken in Perryville MD.
Parking Curbs for sale in California
Parking Curbs for sale in Maryland
We are now USGBC certified for LEED projects

CURBO Dealers for Maryland

Curbo Parking Curbs regularly does delivery and parking curb installation in Maryland. Please call for the most competitive price and best service!

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CURBO Parking Curbs sells, delivers and installs Wheel Stops quite regularly to the following cities in Maryland: Aberdeen
Bel Air
Berwyn Heights
Capitol Heights
Chesapeake Beach
Chesapeake City
Chevy Chase
Chevy Chase View
Chevy Chase Village
Church Creek
Church Hill
Clear Spring
College Park
Colmar Manor
Cottage City
Deer Park
District Heights
Eagle Harbor
East New Market
Fairmount Heights
Forest Heights
Garrett Park
Glen Echo
Havre de Grace
Highland Beach
Indian Head
Landover Hills
La Plata
Loch Lynn Heights
Mardela Springs
Martin’s Additions
Mountain Lake Park
Mount Airy
Mount Rainier
New Carrollton
New Market
New Windsor
North Beach
North Brentwood
North Chevy Chase
North East
Ocean City
Pocomoke City
Port Deposit
Port Tobacco Village
Princess Anne
Queen Anne
Rising Sun
Riverdale Park
Rock Hall
St. Michaels
Seat Pleasant
Snow Hill
Takoma Park
Union Bridge
University Park
Upper Marlboro
Washington Grove

CURBO Parking Curbs for sale in Maryland

There are dozens of names for Parking Curbs, at CURBO we have and always will call them Parking Curbs! See the list below, there are hundreds of variations

AZTC, 1,200 Pounds, 10″ high x 96″ high CURBO Truck Parking Curb engineered for high volume logistic centers Specified by Amazon for Amazon’s van parking curb spec

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How much are concrete parking blocks?
Pick-Up Prices Range from $32 to $910.

How far should a parking block be from the curb?
When you park alongside a curb on a level street, the front and back wheels must be parallel and within 18 inches of the curb. Park parallel to the street if there is no curb.

How tall is a parking curb?
The standard CURBO parking curbs are 5” HIGH x 9”x6′ in length. CURBO Concrete Solutions has 12 standard size models to choose from…Concrete parking curbs can be manufactured to custom lengths to fit specific project requirements.

How wide is a concrete wheel stop?
The usual size for wheel stops for cars is approximately six feet. This size is standard because of the relative size of the vehicles expected in that particular parking space. However, an appropriate size for truck parking bumpers is eight feet.

What is the concrete parking block called?
CURBO Parking Curb
Also known as curb stops or parking blocks, wheelstops are the small barriers used at the end of parking spaces to assist attentive drivers with parking their vehicle