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Updated drawings 1-28-2019 !!

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Made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania by local Amish Craftsmen.

                Buy American Made!!                      


All items are made of 5500 psi Air entrained & superplasticsized concrete for a long lasting product with excellent weathering resistance.

           Car Stops & Parking Curbs

                                                                     Click on the links below for drawings.

#CCS  Most economical! 6 Foot Parking Curb 

#CCSC1 Best Seller! 6 foot Parking Curb

#CCSCF 6 Foot Parking Curb with #4 Rebar                                              D.O.T. Approved!

#CH1 Our Highest & Most Aggressive 6 foot Curb                                    D.O.T. Approved!

Bikers Bumper 5500 psi Concrete The Mini !!

      Truck Stops & Parking Curbs

#TCS1 Best Seller! Truck Curb, Standard 8 foot wide, 7″ high               D.O.T. Approved!

#TCH1 Similar to TCS1, + 1 inch Higher,8 Foot Truck Curb              D.O.T. Approved!

#TCM1 Truck Monster Curb  8 Foot 4 inch Wide Truck Curb          D.O.T. Approved!

#TCM1NS Similar to TCM1, No Fork Pockets, 8 Foot Truck Curb   D.O.T. Approved!

#TMega Truck Parking Block Our largest & most aggressive Truck Curb   D.O.T Approved!          Coming in June 2019 !

#TC3 Our widest Truck Curb 12 Foot Truck Curb


             Concrete Sign Bases

Small sign base drawing

Medium Sign base drawing

Large sign base drawing

SPMgalv Drawing

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