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Has anyone used this New Jackhammer?

New cordless Jackhammer available from Curbo Parking Curbs

Let us know if you have used or seen this machine. >>sales@curboparkingcurbs.com or reply via our blog post here.
This has about triple the power of what we currently use. Our current process can anchor a 1/2″ x 12″ pin in less than a minute with no predrilling involved. We can do the larger pins in the same amount of time if we predrill the holes. Check out our current process here >>Fastening a Parking Curb in less than a minute.

Parking Curbs

Parking Curbs also have over 60 other names!

Why are so many different names used for Parking Curbs?

We do not know, but at Curbo Parking Curbs we call them Parking Curbs!

However, we would be happy to give you a quote on your Car Stops and Parking Blocks for your next project!

The list below shows the many different names used for Parking Curbs.

  • Curbo parking curbs
  • Parking curbs
  • Precast concrete parking curbs
  • Semi truck parking bumpers
  • Parking curb
  • Concrete parking stops
  • Parking lot curbs
  • Precast concrete curb stops
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Parking Curb installation

Truck Parking block installation in Sterling VA

  • Truck-Blocks
  • Truck-Parking-Curbs
  • Curbo-Truck-Curbs
  • How-to-fasten-truck-curbs-to-pavement
  • New-truck-curb-striping
  • vehicle-barrier-at-fuel-pump
  • Truck-curb-specification-spec
  • Parking-lot-parking-solutions
  • Environmental-friendly-parking
  • Concrete-Parking-Curbs-with-rebar

Truck Curb installation, Job Details

  • Penske Truck Leasing in Sterling VA.
  • Delivered & installed by Curbo Parking Curbs.
  • 90 pieces #TCH1 Truck Curbs, made by Curbo.
  • 2 semi-truck loads.
  • Started @ 10 AM & finished at 9 PM to fit the line striper & customers schedule.
  • Installed by 2 people in 11 hours
  • Job quoted with materials,delivery & installation on parking curbs only
  • Signs & line striping were done by another contractor
  • Contact us today for a quote on your project!